Details of the California Judicial Branch that Judge Diane Ritchie Serves

The Judiciary of California incorporates around 40 million Americans, making it the largest court system in the United States.  With over 18,000 employees, over 500 volunteers, and 500 locations, the California court system requires a smooth, efficient and just operating process.  The California judicial system and its personnel, like Judge Diane Ritchie, ensure that citizens […]

LGBTQ Cases Before U.S. Supreme Court Echo Judge Diane Ritchie’s School District Ruling

The 2015 federal legalization of same-sex marriages in the U.S. was the watershed moment that some individuals had waited their entire lives for. Prior to this point, state’s rights were the hodgepodge law of the land and discrimination was either sanctioned by the government or encountered at the workplace or in school. Flores v. Morgan […]